I found a sticker on a bin in Amsterdam. Unividuals it said. I had to find out what it was of course. Glad I did.

The Unividuals may have been an art project that sparked a philosophy or the other way around.
But one central idea has always been part of it and that is exactly that: One.
There is no you and me, there is only this.

It stands for the belief that the universe is some sort of organism. As a consequence, everything is part of the body of a creature we couldn’t begin to understand. In an effort to understand and to feel like we control our own destiny human beings throughout history have been working tirelessly to create a high-stakes game that, by definition, only a few can win.

But in the theory of oneness, one cannot win if others lose, one cannot harm others without hurting oneself. Therefore those that win this game we made up, end up losing in the end. There is no equilibrium in our little made-up world.
The tradition of building society in terms of the higher and lower class, race, and titles is embedded so deep that we forgot we made all of it up, it’s our fairy tale.

But if we can’t understand what we’re a part of, we will never understand ourselves.