Who am I?

Who I am is something I'll always keep exploring.

I prefer to introduce myself to you in real life so you can experience my energy, but to give you an idea of what I am like and where I come from:

I'm half Mexican, half Dutch. I grew up in Mexico-City and in the Bollenstreek area, the area which is known for it's flowerfields.

As a child I wanted to become a mother. I also danced and sung a lot for my parents. That girl is still in me. 

As a young adult, I went to study in Delft. I worked for two years as an information analist at the GVB, the public transport of Amsterdam, and since April 2023 I facilitate breathwork sessions.

My natural interest goes to all kinds of activities that help you to come more in touch with who you really are.

Love for human connection

When I was 22 I got to experience a burn-out. Not a fun experience, but it was necessary. Before this I was a walking head and I had numbed the signals of my body.

My burn-out has brought me in touch again with my sensitivity. I now inhabit my body and because of that I have access to deep connection, love and my authentic strength.

During my burn-out and also in difficult periods after my burn-out, sometimes I reached out to therapists, but many therapy forms I found to intellectual or not tuned in to my needs.

As a client I want a human and equal connection. I want to be heard and seen by a person who is loving presence. Who just let's me unravel myself in him/her loving presence.

Luckily my own wisdom has brought me in touch with people who have a strong connection to their body and practice different kids of bodywork; people who respond from the wisdom of their heart, people who are in tune with themselves and therefore also with me.

In the presence of these people I come home to myself.

Komt een mens bij een mens

Komt een mens bij een mens is all about human contact, from an equal place and felt presence.

If you are going through a difficult period, are dealing with a lot of pent-up emotions, or you feel happy, but there is just something and you can not exactly point out what it is, then reach out.

I receive you with open arms at Centrum Europaplein (2 minutes from the RAI, Amsterdam) to let you experience what your breath and your attention can do for you.

How did I get into breathwork?

I have been doing Kundalini yoga occasionally since 2020, a form of yoga that sometimes involves breathing exercises. Through those exercises I know how powerful the breath is as a tool for releasing. Especially at the beginning, tension was released in the form of tears or loud laughter when I did the exercises. 

When do I do breathwork myself?

I used to do a session at the beginning mainly when I felt dull (that hardly happens anymore). Consciously connected breathing always helps me to get more in touch with my feelings. 

Since I did a breathing trajectory, I am much more myself. My natural instincts are awake again. It makes me see a lot more bullshit, which is difficult sometimes, because modern society is full of it. 
What keeps me healthy? To a large extent being conscious of my breath. Continue to breathe consciously with all the challenging things that come my way. That helps me to feel difficult emotions and let them go. 

Why do I guide breathwork sessions?

Is just what I feel I need to do: to show up for deep transformational work.

What drives me are all the children. I dream of a safer society for them. Society becomes safer if more individuals are in good touch with their feelings/instincts. 


How I think about society

We have learned to trust the doctor's white coat and papers more than our own wisdom.

Like many people with an academic background, a care provider can be a walking head and therefore still disconnected from his/her feelings and natural instincts.

Depressions are still too often "solved" with pills and it is not strange if you only have 10-15 minutes with a doctor and the doctor then immediately moves on to the next person.

Mental or physical complaints are often signals from our body that tell us something about the way we live.

I want to teach people to listen to their body when their body whispers instead of when the body screams for change. I want to put people back in touch with their wisdom and instinct.

If you are going through a difficult period, you are dealing with a lot of pent-up emotions, or you feel happy, but you don't know, as Loesje from the posters beautifully says, reach out.

I will receive you at the Centrum Europaplein (2 minutes from the RAI, Amsterdam) to let you experience what your breath and your attention can do for you. 


Training and courses

Jan Bommerez, Youth Trauma - Youth Trauma Training
March 2024 - present

Eveline Beumkes, Mindful Communicating - Self-compassion training based on Focusing
Oct 2023 - March 2024

Holos - Training to become a Breathwork Coach
Dec 2022 - Apr 2023

TU Delft - BSc Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management. 
Sep 2014 - Jun 2018