Who am I?

I'm Daniela, an assertive, sensitive and honest girl who knows what she wants.

I am a lot of peaceful water, a lot of movement (air) and a lot of fire (passionate). Earth (organization, grounding, prosperity, etc.) is also certainly in me, but I have to do a little more for that!

I find balance very important.

I try to balance feminine and masculine energy within myself, I'm half Mexican and half Dutch and funny thing: my north node in Libra! It's all about balance!

I have been guiding breathing sessions since April 2023. Before this I did something completely different. I worked as a data analyst at GVB, tutored (and sometimes still do) mathematics, did an internship at a Dutch Embassy and studied Technical Public Administration at TU Delft.

Meditation and yoga caught my attention in university and little by little, I started to get more in touch with my sensitive nature.

Love for human connection

I got to experience a burn-out when I was 22. Not fun, but really necessary. Before this I was a walking head and I had numbed the signals of my body.

My burn-out has brought me in touch again with my sensitivity. I now inhabit my body more and because of that I have deeper access to the connection to myself and therefore also to others.

I truly love to connect.

Komt een mens bij een mens

Komt een mens bij een mens is all about human connection.

If you are going through a difficult period, are dealing with a lot of pent-up emotions, or you feel happy, but there is just something and you can not exactly point out what it is, then reach out.

I happily receive you at Centrum Europaplein (2 minutes from the RAI, Amsterdam) to let you experience what your breath, attention, voice and movement can do for you.

We can also have an online focussing session with is all about bringing your attention and breath to certain places in your body and listening to what your body has to say.

How did I get into breathwork?

I sometimes go to Kundalini yoga, a form of yoga that sometimes involves breathing exercises. Through those exercises I know how powerful the breath is as a tool for releasing. Especially at the beginning, tension was released in the form of tears or loud laughter when I did the exercises. 

When do I do breathwork myself?

I used to do a session at the beginning mainly when I felt dull (that hardly happens anymore). Consciously connected breathing always helps me to get more in touch with my feelings. 

Since I did a breathing trajectory, I feel more myself. My natural instincts are awake again. It makes me see a lot more bullshit, which is also difficult sometimes.
What keeps me healthy? All kinds of things, but to a large extent bringing my awareness and my breath to what I feel. Feeling difficult emotions so that I can release them.

Why do I guide breathwork sessions?

This is just what I got to do, to show up for this work. I cannot always comprehend why I do this.

What drives me are my children who I haven't welcomed yet. Or THE children really. 

A better world for human beings.



We have learned to trust the doctor's white coat and papers more than our own wisdom.

Mental or physical complaints are often signals from our body that tell us something about the way we live.

I want to teach people to listen to their body when their body whispers instead of when their body screams for change. I want to bring people back in touch with their wisdom and instinct.

If you are going through a difficult period, you are dealing with a lot of pent-up emotions, or you feel happy, but you don't know, as Loesje from the posters beautifully says, reach out.

I will receive you at the Centrum Europaplein (2 minutes from the RAI, Amsterdam) to let you experience what your breath, your attention, your voice and movement can do for you. 


Training and courses

Aline Osenau - Attuned, Trauma & Nervous System Space Holding 
June 2024 - present

Oersterk, Louis van der Kolk - Nature as Pharmacy
April 2024 - present

Assistance at retreats of Beatinghearts.nl
March 2024 - present

Jan Bommerez, Youth Trauma - Youth Trauma Training
March 2024 - present

Eveline Beumkes, Mindful Communicating - Self-compassion training based on Focusing - Focussing 1 & 2
Oct 2023 - March 2024

Holos - Training to become a Breathwork Coach
Dec 2022 - Apr 2023

TU Delft - BSc Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management. 
Sep 2014 - Jun 2018